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Local Demand Up For Luxury Homes

Rick was recently featured in an interesting article on discussing the challenges of building custom homes in Central Phoenix.

From the article:

Starion Custom
If you’ve drive north on Central Avenue in the last couple of months, you could not have failed to notice a large, French-style home slowly going up on the east side just south of Glendale Avenue.

That 5,000-square-foot luxury residence is the future home of Rick Stark, owner of Scottsdale-based Starion Custom Residences. It will shortly be joined by a neighboring custom home to the immediate north, at the corner of Central and Lamar, which Starion also is constructing—and this one has already sold. It will be similar in design to his French country home, but it will be only one story.
Stark lives just a few miles away from his future home, and his wife is a Central Phoenix native who attended Xavier College Preparatory. Their children attended St. Francis Xavier and Brophy College Preparatory. “So we kind of think of this as ‘our neighborhood,’” Stark laughs.

As a custom homebuilder, Stark says he’s seen more demand of late in the Central Phoenix area, though his company also specializes in renovation and remodeling, particularly in the city’s historic neighborhoods. As for the property at Central and Lamar, “I bought the 1-acre lot and split it because the market was so bad for so long, I was looking for the higher, best use for that property. It wasn’t my intent to keep the home, but we kind of fell in love with it.”

He says building new custom homes in Central Phoenix can be challenging because there are increasingly fewer vacant pieces of land. “You typically have to knock something down,” he says.

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